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Star S Ranch Inaugural Auction 2021
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April 24, 2021
Auction taking place at
Horse Shoe Bay Resort, Texas
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Welcome to the inaugural auction of Star S Ranch and guest sellers

We want to thank you for your interest in our auction and what we have to offer.

Star S Ranch has been a premier hunting destination in the USA and surrounding countries since its creation in 1996. Over the past 25 years, we have had one goal in mind: to breed excellent trophies for the hunting market. With this goal in mind, we sourced the best genetics available and tailored our breeding programs to look at genetic traits for horn length, genetic diversity, and adaptability of these animals. We have selected animals for the auction based on these traits.

We want to thank our guest sellers and their teams for their consignments. We are sure you will be pleased with the outstanding animals on sale today.

It is with great pleasure we offer you some of our best genetics on the ranch.

Enjoy the day with us, and may you be successful in your bidding!

The Scott Family

Event Date & Time

Date: April 24, 2021
Doors Open: 15:00
Auction Starts: 16:00

Event Location

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Introducing Our Auctioneer

Col. Roland “Tooter” Trees

Col. Roland “Tooter” Trees has been an Auctioneer for 30 years. Cattle , sheep, goats, Exotic and domestic game are his areas of expertise. He conducted the first Mohair auction in the U.S. with a gross of 1.2 million. Trees is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Animal Science. He has judged livestock shows in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Texas and across the U.S. He and his wife of 33 years, Terri, have two children. A daughter Taitum and son Taos.

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please contact our office:
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Introducing Our Guest sellers

We have been leading the way in the fallow industry since 1998 when Colby started running a fallow meat operation, which he quickly shifted to focus on antler growth.

Now, with over 20 years of a closed herd and being blessed with making the right decisions on breedings, we consistently produce the biggest fallow bucks. Not only do we boast the current SCI world record and numerous other gold medal deer, our breeding stock is highly sought after. We started a new era of excitement in 2015, and took the fallow breeding market to the next level, when we sold our breeder Irish Elk (now known as Thunderstruck). Bullwinkle, who came from our breeding program, also made a splash in 2018.

Our current breeders are a powerhouse group led by Mr Big, Chief, Mighty Moose, Sledgehammer, and Royal. Our younger up and comers are Mpressive War Cry, Geronimo and Legend. We are thrilled with our current 2 and 3 year old crops. Sola Fe Ranch is the ranch to visit if you want to start a herd with the most proven genetics and extensive pedigrees.

This is where all the BIG bucks come from!
Located in Deep South Texas, in the county of Duval, sits the Silverhorn Ranch. The ranch spans over 7,000 acres of brush country. Through years of management and manipulation, the Silverhorn boasts a variety of habitat types that provide an optimal environment for native and exotic species alike.

The Silverhorn Ranch prides itself in operating an animal breeding operation that focuses on high quality animals and customer service. We are raising animals to thrive in the harshest of Texas climates. Silverhorn currently has 7 species of breeding herds which consists of black sable, greater kudu, nyala antelope, gemsbok, axis, blackbuck, and whitetail deer.

The Silverhorn Ranch can provide the quality animals and integrity you are looking for.
Doug Dutschmann and his family moved to Hatada Ranch in 1987.He has been managing it with the help of his two sons and ranch hand since.When Hatada was first established it resided on roughly 1,200 acres.But with hard work and dedication it has grown to approximately 2,000 acres.Located in Valley Mills Texas, Hatada provides it’s 20 plus different species of exotics with the most excellent terrain to keep them healthy and thriving.We allow our large herds of each species to roam freely through the ranch, plant spring and winter plots along with year round supplemental feeding as well as take part in doing a quarterly worming of all the exotics.

Everyday for over thirty years Hatada has been striving to constantly improve to keep it’s animals and overall ranch in top condition.

Hatada prides itself for being a family oriented ranch that specializes in giving you exotics with superior genetics.

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